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What number is pa

TD Bank Routing Number

That’s already become some kind of a routine to provide your TD Bank routing number whenever you are within conducting this or that wire or automatic clearing house (ACH) transaction.

Still for some reason many people tend to doubt what their number is whenever they need to enter these nine digits. Why?

Find Your TD Bank Routing Number

Well, it is most likely that they either cannot memorize their number or actually remember it but have apprehension that the one they currently have in mind can be irrelevant in that particular transaction.

And, as it is better to double-check any important information like this, TD Bank customers quite often ask how they can get their routing number.

How to Find out What Your Routing Number at TD Bank Is

Basically, there are three ways using one of which or all the three combined you can find out what your routing number at this particular bank is:

  • Look at your TD bank’s check: there are two numbers printed at the bottom of it. Your routing number is the far left one, while that printed next to it is your account number. The difference between the two is that while your account number identifies you as a client, your routing number identifies your bank or, to be more precise, its regional branch where you actually opened your account.
  • Look for your RTN at either TD Bank website or other sources that are entitled to provide such information. As for TD Bank, it provides both a sample check with an explanation where your RTN is indicated, which is relevant if you have the bank’s check on hand, and the list of all current (12) RTNs the bank has. Please note, some services indicate more than these 12 TD Bank routing numbers; to double-check this information you can use the following option.
  • You can contact the bank directly. Call its number 24/7 or use an online customer support option. The bank’s representative will either tell you exactly what routing number you have or where you can look for it. Likewise, he/she will explain what routing number you can use and how you can do that correctly when carrying out an international wire transfer rather than the domestic one.

TD Bank’s RT Numbers: A Few More Words about Those

Nowadays, if you want to carry out any transaction properly, be that setting up a direct deposit, transferring electronic funds or making your bills and tax payments.

It is essentially important to know not only your account number but the routing one as well.

As you already know where to look for it and how to find that out, it won’t be irrelevant to give you more details.

So if for some reason you need or want to know more about your or any other TD Bank routing number like state, city, address and zip code it is related to or its servicing FRB number.

Record type code, institution status code or the date of last change, there are services that can provide you with the respective information.

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