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Avoid Chicken Of The Sea brand of sardines at this time. They are being overcooked and are not as healthful. The other brands of sardines are fine. For details, read Sardines.

Do not add GimMe snack to your diet. New research indicates it is not healthful.

(Others claim they do nutritional balancing, but it is not the same)

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What Are Nutritional Balancing And Development?

Nutritional balancing is a new system of healing developed over the past 45 years. It draws upon many 20 th century scientific discoveries such as general systems theory, the stress theory of disease, chaos theory, and the work of William Albrecht in organic agriculture.

Dr. Paul Eck of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, integrated many of these ideas to form the basis of nutritional balancing science. Since his passing about 20 years ago, we have refined and added to his concepts.

A key to nutritional balancing is to remineralize the body. Also, the body must become warmer and more compact a physics concept. Also, one must balance the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio as they appear on a properly performed hair tissue mineral test. Blood and urine tests do not work for this method.

The above combination drastically increases the bodyХs adaptive energy level, which permits deep healing.

To renourish the body requires a healthful lifestyle and a diet rich in cooked vegetables, with no fruit or sweets. In addition, most adults require about 8 rather simple nutrition supplements. Children usually only need 3 or 4 supplements. We also recommend five powerful detoxification procedures.

Symptoms go away in their own order. Remedies of any kind are rarely needed.

A key to the success of this method is that it causes Development. This is an unusual change in the body related to the growth of the Merkaba and a drastic improvement in the immune response. The thymus gland and the PeyerХs patches can be restored, at least to a degree.

Some of the approximately 1400 articles on this website discuss development. You are welcome to enjoy them.


If you donХt like reading on a computer , all computers can be set up to read articles to you (It is called text to speech). All Apple computers come with this feature, and it can be added easily to all Windows computers.


1 . Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis: 2010 Edition and the 2014 Edition, 2016 Edition.

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Disclaimer. Development and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full human potential. All information on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.

Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, and prefers to work as an unlicensed nutrition consultant.

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