Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, mechanical engineering degree.#Mechanical #engineering #degree

mechanical engineering degree

Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation through a variety of

academic, research and service activities.

Mechanical engineering degree

All the Tools to Get the Job Done

Mechanical Engineering has a series of 3D printers

that can print real objects from 2D CAD designs

Mechanical engineering degree

Designing the Future

Robotics and Mechatronics | Our academic program integrates training in engineering principles,

critical thinking, hands-on projects, open-ended problem solving,

and the essential skills of teamwork, communication, and ethics.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Commitment to excellence in its teaching, research, scholarship, and service missions.

Mechanical engineering degree

A Virginia Tech mechanical engineering professor and his team have been invited by the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF, to be among the first to use a new humanitarian drone testing corridor opened by the government of Malawi and the aid agency.

The team will test a new autonomous drone designed to fly to remote locations and collect dried blood samples for HIV testing.

Jobs at Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering degree

The National Science Foundation recently awarded $400,000 to Virginia Tech as part of an initiative to build the theoretical and experimental foundations of scalable, 3-D printing at the nano-level.

Rayne Zheng, assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering, will use the award for Additive Nano-Manufacturing of Resilient Materials to develop technologies to allow researchers to 3-D print at the nano-level and scale up their creations.

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