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Philadelphia University has merged with Thomas Jefferson University on July 1, 2017. The name of the new university is Thomas Jefferson University, and the Philadelphia University campus will be referred to as Jefferson; East Falls Campus. Program location, leadership, faculty and curriculum have remained the same. All websites with the new name and logo will be operational by August 15, 2017 or sooner.

The Midwifery Institute at Thomas Jefferson University is on the cutting edge of a changing world, by weaving tradition with technology, to bring education for the betterment of the health of women and their families.

  • Our faculty exemplify the midwifery beliefs of caring, self-determination and involvement.
  • Our active learning strategies support a rigorous graduate education based on depth of discussion in live seminars and on-line forums.
  • As an adult learner you take charge of your education through distance learning, with our guidance and support.
  • We invite you to explore the website or speak with an admissions representative by calling 215.951.2943 to learn more about our programs.

See brief descriptions below to learn which program is best for you. Click program titles to learn more about each option.


This option leads to a Master of Science degree and eligibility to sit for the American Midwifery Certification Board exam, and is available in a 2-year full-time or 3-year part-time format. In either format, the clinical rotation portion is full-time. Nurse practitioners, foreign educated midwives and MEAC-educated certified professional midwives may qualify for advanced placement in this program.

This option is for individuals who have completed a bachelor s degree and science and social science pre-requisites in a discipline other than nursing.

This option allows the practicing certified nurse-midwife or certified midwife to validate and expand the professional competencies and skills needed for today s health care environment. This degree is designed to be customized to include your specific area of interest: teaching, advanced clinical practice, administration, international health or research.

This program leads to a Doctor of Midwifery degree. Designed for mid-career midwives, students will be prepared for leadership roles in clinical practice, education, policy or administration. The program is available over six semesters or two years.


This option is available for individuals who already have a master’s or doctoral degree in a health-related discipline. Nurse practitioners, foreign educated midwives and MEAC-educated, licensed, and certified professional midwives may qualify for advanced placement in this program.

The re-entry to practice process (also called a refresher process) is for Certified Nurse-Midwives or Certified Midwives (CNM/CMs) who have previously been or are currently AMCB certified, but have been out of clinical practice and are looking to refresh their knowledge and skills in anticipation of re-entry to clinical midwifery practice. This is a non-degree, individualized course of study taken as a non-matriculated student.

Those interested can register through WebAdvisor by logging in as a guest and paying with a credit card; or over the phone at 215.951.2900.


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