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Online university courses

The Weekend Assignment: AI

Are we close to a world where we will have self aware Artificial Intelligence? What are the minimum requirements for something to be labeled AI? What do you think about when you hear the term AI? Explore this topic in this week’s Weekend Assignment. You could even use your virtual assistant to help you explore. Read More

Announcing the first members of our new Advisory Board

Today we are pleased to introduce three authorities in open education who will inaugurate our new Advisory Board at Saylor Academy: Dr. Marie Cini, Dr. Rory McGreal, and Marc Singer. In each case, the role on our advisory board formalizes a long exchange of ideas. Each Advisor brings significant experience in OER, open education, online Read More

Online university courses

The Weekend Assignment: Projects

This Weekend Assignment revolves round the theme of projects. Going about cleaning your house on the weekend is a project. Organizing your sock drawer is a project. Sending a satellite into space is a project. What truly defines a project? How large can projects get? What was one of the first major projects to changed Read More

Online university courses

Saylor Academy Partners with Bexar County, Texas and BiblioTech

Saylor Academy is very proud to announce its first county/library partnership with Bexar County and BiblioTech Digital Library! Bexar County is participating in Saylor Academy’s Corporate/Employer Degree Completion program, providing county employees with access to Saylor’s free courses toward college credit. In turn, county employees will have free proctoring services (for Direct Credit exams) available to Read More

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