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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum has played a vital role in shaping North Dakota into the state it is today, and will surely be a guiding force in the region’s future. The Petroleum Engineering program at UND provides students with the problem solving skills needed to be leaders in this rapidly growing field.

Message from the Department Chair

The Department of Petroleum Engineering is located in Grand Forks, one of the furthest North cities in the State of North Dakota (N.D.) in the USA. The Department offers on-campus and distance-learning programs in Petroleum Engineering at both Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

UND offers the only Petroleum Engineering program in the state of N.D. With the discovery and development of the unconventional resources, this program is strategically important to UND in terms of educating practical and hands-on engineers who can work in the field, and also develop the latest technologies for discovery, exploration, drilling and production of the oil and gas fields to produce future energy. Our Graduate program is focused to perform both fundamental and practical research on topics in demand of the industry.

The number of students since 2010 – when the department admitted the first group of students in Petroleum Engineering – has increased exponentially. One reason for this increase is the State’s large resources of shale oil, and the unconventional territory the industry may find itself in for the retraction of that resource at times. This has made it an exciting time to educate students on the topic.

The program has found widespread support from the university, and from industry. Also, the Student Chapter of the society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is actively involved in inviting industry professionals to present short courses and workshops and to talk about future career in this profession. In addition, students spend a few months in the industry during their summer internship program which is an excellent opportunity for them to get exposed to real life workplace.

The future for the petroleum engineering program at UND is very promising based on the strategic location of North Dakota. With the strong support of the State, the University and the industry, it is expected that high quality hands-on and practical graduates will be produced to join the workforce and play an important role in leading the future of energy industry in the country.

Talented domestic and international students are highly encouraged to consider the Petroleum Engineering program at UND as a place of choice for their studies. It is very exciting to be part of an educational institute within this expanding oil and gas business environment and it is my honor to serve all students with the best quality of education and study environment.

Prof Vamegh Rasouli
Department Chair

As the only petroleum engineering program in the state, we aim to develop
a unique applied education and research program that includes recovery of oil and gas from conventional petroleum reserves as well as unconventional petroleum reserves such as the Bakken Formation in North Dakota. Students will gain practical, hands-on experience during laboratories throughout their time with the program. They’re given the opportunity to design, conduct and analyze their own experiments much like they will in real world settings.

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