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Choosing an Occupational Therapy Degree

Start Your Occupational Therapist Education

The road to an occupational therapist career can take many turns and as a student trying to decide where you want to go in your OT career, you’ll have several degree options to consider.

A master’s degree is the minimum standard for becoming a practicing occupational therapist. and admission to occupational therapy degree programs is competitive. The average master’s degree program takes a student two and a half years to complete. The first year and a half is usually devoted to completing required course work in a classroom setting. In the last year, students gain experience in a clinical setting.

To get into the accredited occupational therapy school of your choice, focus on earning a high overall grade point average in your undergraduate work (above a 3.3 GPA) and volunteer or work as an occupational therapy aide. Some schools require up to 150 hours of clinical experience prior to admission.

You’ll also need letters of recommendation from occupational therapists or science teachers. In addition, most schools require a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Occupational Therapist Courses

As an occupational therapy student, your classes will range from medical terminology and physiology, to mental health and gerontology. You’ll also be required to do six months of supervised fieldwork in clinics or community organizations in order to gain hands-on experience before completing their program.

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