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Nursing Degree Guide

Nursing Degree Guide has all the info you need to make a wise decision about the nursing degree program thats right for you.

Sure, you could do all the research yourself, but why when our team has already done it all for you and compiled it into a series of handy widgets, reference guides, up to date blog posts and more.

The Demand for Registured Nurses is Expected to Increase Through the Year 2020, According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Kaplan University

RN to BSN. 20 Nursing Degrees. Kaplan University offers a variety of nursing degree programs at affordable prices. Students who attend Kaplan will receive a degree from a well respected accredited nursing program.

Western Governors

B.S. Nursing (RN to BSN). This competency-based, CCNE-accredited program expands student knowledge and skills in evidence-based practice, patient safety and technology integration, as well as healthcare systems and policies.

Nursing Degree Programs By State

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Florence Nightingale’s Influence in Becoming an RN

Florence Nightingale has been a vital figure for the nursing community for the past century, a pillar of what nursing is truly about. Since this point, there have been other influential nurses, but none so much as Florence Nightingale, who is known outside the nursing community. Nightingale has become such an extraordinary figure in the [ ]

Best Nursing Degrees for 2010

It s a brand new year, which means more opportunities to earn nursing degrees! It is only a matter of determining what is the greatest need in the nursing industry, as well as what you will be most comfortable earning. Nursing degrees range from pediatric degrees to geriatric degrees. Far from being generalized, like so many [ ]

Why Get a Nursing Degree?

With the economy in the position it is currently in, many people have had more of an incentive to continue on with a higher education, more specifically in programs in nursing and criminal justice (in which there have been a high demand of employees). As a result, nursing programs have become more advanced and offer [ ]

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