May 26 2019

#New travel website @ #Video

#New #travel #website

#New travel website @ #Video, REMMONT.COM

New travel website

Where to Find the Best Information and Tips For Worldwide Festivals and Events

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Hundreds of small festivals and events take place across the world each year, and our friend Ben Ooi has recently set up a free travel event calendar to ensure you have access to the best information and tips for events all over the world, and never miss out on an important travel event.

After travelling to over 30 countries on his Australian passport and enjoying unique events held in each country throughout his trips, he decided there should be an avenue where he could share his knowledge and research.

A list, map and schedule of travel events and attractions that occur at different times throughout the year, Travelendar is an online database which has been created to be the number one place to visit when you need travel tips, ideas and inspiration on any event or festival.

The aim is to help make travel planning easy and fun for those who are new to the world of travel, and for seasoned travelers who might not have heard about an event.

This is Ben at Oktoberfest

How to Use the Website

When you jump over to, you’re greeted with upcoming travel events which you can filter by your interests and dates, recent posts from the blog, and additional travel planning resources.

The site has three calendars you can use to help you with your travel plans, which are a Travel Event Calendar, a Yearly Event Calendar, and a Weather Calendar.

The Travel Event Calendar presents information on when and where each event takes place. You can filter events based on categories for cultural, music, nature, public holiday, sport, or ticket sale, and filter by month.

Each listing has their own page which further information, which includes dates, locations, contact details (event website), an event overview, travel tips, and lists the closest international airport.

The Yearly Event Calendar presents all of the events in one simple and easy to read page. If you’re not sure where to go but want to avoid bad weather, the Country Weather Calendar displays the average maximum temperature and rainfall probability of cities in various countries.

There’s also an Event and Attraction Map which is a map of the world with event pins set up to give you an overview of which countries have the best festivals and events. When you click on each marker it reveals information on the best time to visit.

Don’t Settle for a TV Screen

Don’t settle for a TV screen when you can be right in the middle of the action and experience it live. Travelendar is a fabulous free resource where you can find the best information and tips for worldwide festivals and events.

Whether it’s a major film festival like Sundance or Cannes, famously popular event like Rio’s Carnival, or something local you may have never heard of, add Travelendar to your bookmarks so that you never miss out on an important travel event.


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