MIBE, International Business and Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship degree.#Entrepreneurship #degree

entrepreneurship degree

Entrepreneurship degree

MIBE Opening 2017 with Nick Wrenn, Head of News Relationships at Facebook

Entrepreneurship degree

Venture Capital in the Biotech Area

Entrepreneurship degree

Mibe LM plus : Matching between candidates and companies projects


About Pavia

‘Fair of Ideas’ @MIBE

Where we are going

BP presentation

Life in Pavia

F. Schiavone – Roland Garros Winner – at MIBE


Training sessions on the use of Orbis-Zephyr and Bloomberg mibe.unipv.it/?p=3738

The Future Makers – 23 February 2017 mibe.unipv.it/?p=3671



MIBE attracts scholars and students from all over the world. Foreign students are more than 30%


Double-degree programmes with 10 foreign partner universities, Erasmus Plus EMBS Programmes


Focus on: Teamworks, Simulations, Business Games, Business Plan Competition, etc.

Strong community

Feel at home. MIBE is a label, a distinctive mark to wear and recognise. #wearemibers

Unique Experience

Medieval town, historical ‘Collegi’, close to Milan, the heart of business and glamour life. Study, Enjoy, Grow

Degree Plus & Companies

Partnerships with companies, including ‘Degree Plus’ which merges lectures with internships


Entrepreneurship degree

Oct 10th: MIBE Opening Session 2016-2017 The CEO talk

Entrepreneurship degree

May 12th, Alberto Forchielli: The World in Store for You

Entrepreneurship degree

#GlobalLeader2016: Francesca Schiavone Roland Garros Winner 2010 at MIBE

Entrepreneurship degree

Business Plan Showcase (Open Circle, Zambon)

Entrepreneurship degree

MIBE Fair of Ideas Univenture. 20k€ final price: enter as student, exit as entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship degree

MIBE Opening Session 2016: Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School

Core Topics


  • International Business and Management
  • DBI (Doing Business In)
  • International Marketing
  • Cross-cultural Marketing


  • Innovation Management
  • Equity Markets, Business Angels VCs
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship


  • Digital Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Cyber Security Cloud Computing
  • SQL / Database Management


  • Firm Valuation and Capital Market Instruments
  • Project Management
  • Statistics Data Mining
  • Consultancy and Soft Skills
  • Basics of Competition and International Law
  • Basics of Economics

They say about us:

A new kind of integration between University and Companies which could become a leading model (Degree Plus)

Entrepreneurship degree

We have MIBE students working within our company and they all stand out. In particular, we find they have an eye on internationalization and an ability to work in team which we rarely see in other employees

Entrepreneurship degree

We find the idea to have two curricula one in International Management and then a new one in Digital Management extremely positive, as it is very well planned . The introduction of the Digital Management curriculum is a very important step to meeting the job market need for this new type of highly sought-after professional profiles.

Entrepreneurship degree

MIBE also offered me the great opportunity to spend a year abroad within the Double Degree program at the University of Tübingen, one of the few Universities in Germany which has been awarded with the title University of Excellence . This experience abroad was highly formative and a great opportunity which I would recommend to all Master’s degree students.

MIBE is always reactive and focused on how to adapt its course contents according to the job market needs and on how to open the door to a mutually profitable collaboration between the university and firms/companies.

I find the Digital Management curriculum very interesting, since not many other Italian universities offer this. I also find some tools, such as the possibility of an internship, the placement initiatives, and presence of firms and companies in the Advisory Board, very powerful, as they can give fantastic results to all the parts involved.

MIBE made me stand out from the crowd, providing me with important job opportunities and experiences, including winning the competition “CEO for a Day” and having an internship in a well-known consulting company in Shangai.


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