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BA in 4 Weeks and

BA in 4 Weeks and describes how legitimate college credit and a fast, economical associateпїЅs (AA or AS) degree or bachelor degree (BA or BS), may be earned by way of standardized proficiency exams, comprising CLEP, DANTES (DSST), ECE (formerly ACT/PEP), GRE subject, and TECEP.

Unlike the University of Phoenix, where credit is earned for the most part in traditional classes, distance learning focused regionally accredited assessment colleges and universities accept 100% exam based credit include toward a degree. The main providers are ,Charter Oak State College ( COSC ), Excelsior College (formerly Regents college of the University of the State of New York (USNY)), Thomas Edison State College (TESC), and the Board of Governors (BOG) and Board of Trustees (BOT) BA degree programs offered by several universities in Illinois.

Both online bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees are, just like the University of Phoenix, offered in a wide variety of academic and professional disciplines in the Liberal Arts, in Accountancy, Business Administration, Computer Information systems, History, Nursing, Psychology, and on. All can be earned by testing out. Degrees from Excelsior College offer students using exam-based credit, the singular opportunity to construct a first class grade point average (GPA), which may prove useful in submission of academic transcripts to graduate schools or in application for employment.

Accelerated, accredited online master degrees are listed and will be reviewed in-depth. Distance learning online graduate degrees covered include MA, MBA, M.Ed., MS, M.Eng., MSc, LLM, and Ph.D. All graduate programs listed are 100% distance degrees, and the majority are administered entirely online via the World Wide Web. Many disciplines are represented, including, master degree offerings in Liberal studies and in the Sciences, in Accountancy, Business Administration, computer engineering and computer studies, political science, psychology, teaching, religion, and the Social Services. The graduate degree distance learning programs featured are screened for legitimacy and price. Typically, these master degrees will cost about 20% of the cost of any equivalent degree earned at the University of Phoenix and other universities and colleges of that ilk.


1. Legitimacy of the institution – defined as, state funded, and recognized by the government of the country as an institution of higher learning, or, in the case of US institutions, they may be public or private, but they must be regionally accredited.

2. Programs must be truly distance learning programs – There must be no requirement for any visits to the administering institution or its agents, other than occasional local excursions for the purposes of writing proctored exams. Note that programs listed may recommend and offer face to face seminars and other personal encounters, but none are required.

Note that the colleges and universities listed and featured in the body of work comprising, BA in 4 Weeks and, are either US regionally accredited or the foreign equivalent thereof. Served advertisements of institutions appearing in are screened to remove the worthless offerings. Since specific advertisers and advertisements cannot be determined a priori, filtering occurs after the fact of a first appearance.

Advertisements for regionally accredited institutions, DETC accredited institutions, and the foreign equivalent of regionally accredited institutions, may appear on this website. Rarely, the advertisements of not yet accredited institutions that are in the authorпїЅs view, otherwise legitimate, may also appear.

Third party vendors are also screened and those whose niche is the promotion of unaccredited colleges and universities, are removed. The remainder who promote schools, promote overwhelmingly, accredited schools, but even they from time to time may deal in material pertaining to unaccredited schools. Every effort is made to filter the undesirable, but this is not an exact science and there is no way to predict what others may decide to publish on their websites.

Readers are urged to do due diligence on, and to check the accreditation of, any school before committing to a program of study.

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