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LPN to RN Online Nursing Degrees

Kaplan University, today’s pioneer school for online higher education courses is thought to be relatively new with its initial courses beginning with Concord Law School in 1998, but Kaplan has had its hand in education from much earlier. Stanley H. Kaplan a teacher and businessman found that he could combine his keen business sense and love of teaching into a lucrative opportunity. In 1938, Kaplan began tutoring students in his parents’ basement in Brooklyn. His tutoring services provided assistance to mostly immigrant students and were geared to help prepare for upcoming tests. Though he met resistance from test makers and college boards because of their theory that tests could not be coached; Kaplan carried on.

Nursing degrees online

By 1975 the Federal Trade Commission concluded that test preparation was extremely important to students and recognized that Kaplan’s tutoring helped open doors to potential new students that otherwise were discouraged by the degree of difficulty of attending school. With test preparation available, individuals were encouraged to acquire a degree. Kaplan’s keen insight into future needs of students is the very foundation of Kaplan University today. In 1984 he sold his business to the Washington Post Company but remained an active participant as chief executive and later chairman until 1992.

After the Washington Post Company acquired Kaplan, Jonathan Grayer organized a very effective management team that included the current Kaplan Chairman and CEO Andy Rosen. One of the first things the team did was recognize that they could take their services even further if they expanded their program to help not only college age students but all students beginning with kindergarten.

With the acquisition of Quest Education Corporation, a network of career colleges, Kaplan expanded its corporation and directed its company into the higher education market in an entirely new way, making higher education its largest business. One year later, in the year 2001 Kaplan raised the bar on a new way of learning when it offered online courses for the very first time. Kaplan began with only 34 students and offered internet courses for only three programs. Currently Kaplan University serves 59,000 students and offers degrees in over 100 online programs.

Today, Kaplan’s his most important agenda is to bring higher education to working adults such as in their nursing program. Kaplan’s RN to BSN and Masters Program strives to offer working nurses the opportunity to advance in their career. Kaplan offers students personal care by asking what is important to them in their learning process. Kaplan is unique because their advisors are always there for their students. They believe that students should have the skill set and the ability to succeed in the nursing world so that employers look at Kaplan students and know that they have received the education and training required to perform and handle any challenge they face on the job.

School of Nursing

Kaplan University knows nursing. It also knows that nurses are individuals that are constantly looking for more education. Whether you are a nurse looking to take the RN to BSN degree or the RN to MSN degree, Kaplan has an online nursing program to fit your needs.

Keeping in mind that today’s health care system is in dire need of more trained nurses, Kaplan offers online nursing programs as well as campus based. By giving students multiple avenues for education, Kaplan University is able to help produce more nurses and still maintain excellence in educational standards.

Enrolling in Kaplan’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program helps individuals who want to broaden their RN nursing degree, so that a career in specialized nursing or nursing management can be obtained. Also, an RN that would like to make the step up to a master’s level degree will find that the RN to MSN degree program was design just for them.

Paying for College

When applying for any of Kaplan’s programs you should know that there are a wide range of tuition and financing option available. Kaplan offers potential students aid in applying for Title IV federal financial aid. There are also several scholarship programs that can be applied for:

  • Kaplan University Success Scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • Kaplan University Accelerated Scholars Award
  • All Scholarships must be applied for during the application process to Kaplan.
  • In addition, there are loans and grants and benefits for military personnel and veterans.

Kaplan University is Accreditation By

Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

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Nursing degrees online

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