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How is your company different?

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The buyer’s perspective

Get Accredited Degree!

Is it possible to buy a real degree from an authentic University ?

However, things are easier said than done. If you have to perform well at work in order to support yourself and you’re also handling other responsibilities at home, it might be nearly impossible to enroll in a BA program or even for that MA degree you need in order to finally get promoted. Obviously, the solution does not lie with traditional forms of education. You can try to enlist in an online program, but you will find that these too might be out of reach in terms of price and learning time, or you can buy a real degree from an authentic University and become qualified almost instantly.

The University’s perspective

As a University, you have to keep in mind a large number of expenses when calculating the value of a certain degree program, amongst which you can count staff, facilities, equipment and so on. If, on the other hand, you were to sell some of your degrees without having to deal with all the above mentioned costs, while also providing traditional and online programs at the same time, you might reach a formula that is much more advantageous.

This is the reason why even authentic Universities ended up selling degrees, and by the looks of it, their decision was a profitable one for all parties. Nevertheless, if a real University were to publicly express this service, then their reputation would drastically decrease, which would turn out to be a loss both for the institution and the degree purchaser. To solve this issue, a provider such as ourselves usually intervenes.

The provider’s role

A reliable degree provider is therefore a liaison between authentic Universities that wish to procure extra financial resources by selling their degrees and the people who need those degrees in an urgent and efficient fashion. Through this mediated process, you as an employer gain access to the possibility to buy a real degree from a physically-existing and respectable University, without having to worry about issues of legality or about credentials checks. When collaborating with a reliable degree seller, your certificate will not only appear real, but it will actually be issued by a University through the same procedure as a traditional graduation, giving you the same benefits for a much smaller investment.

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