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Human resources management degree

Human Resources Management (HRM) Courses Online

Training Courses Online – Self-Study Distance Learning Courses

HRM Training

Training Courses Online

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Welcome to Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Courses Online Website. This website provides a library of best HRM resources and tools for senior managers and executives. HRM website provides a list of top international training courses offered via various delivery methods, including online distance learning, accelerated workshops, experiential courses, corporate action learning, and self-study courses . It also provides HRM learning resources, expert advice, and insights.

Human Resources Management Training

This website provide guide standardized HRM training courses topics and to most popular Human Resources Training Courses in leading industrial countries, the includes the following topics: General Human Resource Management, Human Resource Measurements and Metrics, Benefits Compensation, Labor Relations, Workplace Security, International Cross Cultural Human Resources, Certification, Policies Procedures, Document Retention, Workplace Violence, Employee Assessment (MBTI, etc), Employee Orientation, Employee Wellness, HR Interviewing, Training Management, Training for Trainers, Workplace Diversity, HR Strategy; Managing; Motivation; Organizational Behavior; Recruitment; Employee Relations and HRM operations control and alignment.

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A professional program for busy executives offered as a practical alternative to 2-years academic MBA programs. This accelerated workshop is provided by International Institute of Management in Las Vegas USA. Covering complete human resources management functions with focus on strategic management of h uman cap ital. Other delivery options include online distance learning

International Institute of Management (IIM)

Online Distance Learning, Accelerated Executive Workshop, Classroom, Experiential, Corporate Action Learning, Training, Self-study, Onsite,

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Topics cover Human Resources Management. Lectures may inspire interest, but leadership demands direct engagement. That’s why the MBA Program’s entire approach to academics is rooted in active, participatory learning. Through the case method our courses force students to grapple with complex situations that touch upon the full spectrum of issues and ideas any manager can expect to face.

The Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale School of Management (PSE) supports scholars, students, and alumni interested in the connections between society and business. Topics Cover Human Resources Management. PSE facilitates work on nonprofit and public organizations as well as initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Executive MBA students complete two years of study in general management, leading to an MBA degree. Topics Cover Human Resources Management. The program serves mid-career executives preparing for the next level, as well as senior executives who wish to enhance their skills and leadership effectiveness.

Participants create job-related assessments for screening candidates and collaborate to create hiring profiles and job descriptions based on clearly defined and measured behaviors that support the company’s profitability.

Learn how user-friendly manuals and handbooks directly affect productivity and results! Participants gain the ability to turn manuals into self-directed training tools, write in engaging terms, ensuring consistency and compliance with the standards. Topics cover Human Resources Management

Learn how to design and conduct effective Performance Evaluations creating common targets and aligning teams toward company goals. They gain the tools to set performance goals, get specific initiate behavioral change and increase profitability. Topics cover Human Resources Management

Online Distance Learning

This course teaches techniques to find the candidate who is right for the job. Learn how to plan and conduct an interview. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and the legal guidelines that every organization must know. subject cover Human Resources Management

Increase morale and team spirit Enhance your coaching skills and abilities Understand how to separate attitude and behavior issues Increase the knowledge of how to safely and legally discipline employees. subject cover Human Resources Management

This is for HR professionals who want to become better business partners. Core content includes: team effectiveness, mediating and advocating, leadership and influencing, problem solving and decision making, analyzing and qualifying the value of HR.

This is a course for managers/supervisors who need to manage and motivate their employees to work more effectively as a team. Learn how to improve organizational effectiveness, communication, increase morale, productivity and quality of work.

Course customized for your organization. Learn the complex and confusing policies contained in the Privacy Rule and how to implement procedures that your organization needs.

Course for HR personnel in change management. Learn how to stay solution based during the trials of change while increasing the quality/productivity of the work. Develop your company’s culture to include the integration of change.

Collaborative Workshop to create a customized New Hire Orientation establishing professional standards, identifying needs and structuring the first day activities to increase retention, productivity and profitability.

A small legal issue can have a big bang on the bottom-line. Create prevention within the organization by implementing complete documentation, effective corrective action steps and legally sound termination practices

In this customized workshop, participants evaluate the enormous costs of turnover, learn new screening practices, practice effective interviewing and selecting skills and develop a powerful, legally sound hiring strategy.

Participants evaluate the organizations health by analyzing recent exit interviews and employee turnover, then collaborate to create guidelines for building trust, morale and ownership through several retention strategies.

Participants collaborate to create hiring profiles, new recruiting sources, effective ads, manpower plans and specific recruiting strategies so you will never have to pay a headhunter again!

This is a course for ALL employees. Learn information about your company’s sexual harassment policy and EEOC laws. Includes question and answer opportunity with subject matter expert.

Join us for a 45-minute webcast well provide an overview of our Accountability and Time Management program. Would you like to build a workforce that is more accountable effective It only takes a month to see results.

This course examines pitfalls often overlooked in the valuation of a company such as taxation issues related to accumulated earnings, and potential tax loss/gain that exists with deferred compensation plans.

This two-day workshop will focus on the dynamics of managing a project and obtaining results. It will also provide unique insight relative to measuring and evaluating project outcomes.

This two-day workshop will help cultivate skills, confidence, and expertise in dealing with an array of challenging and realistic workplace circumstances.

This unique workshop helps qualify you to administer the MBTI tool, as well as apply it to the problems of managers, professionals and organizations. Completed post-work assignments enable you to use MBTI applications in your own work setting.

The keys to completing projects are clarification of the goals, planning to meet those goals, and managing the project according to the plan. This one-day workshop provides managers with the basic project management tools needed.

Use classic Hersey/Blanchard theory tailored to your culture and organization. No more golden rule- you do unto others what they need, not what you want!

This two-day interactive workshop provides a basic overview of the components for creating and sustaining a positive employee relations climate.

A 3-day workshop that prepares HR professionals to develop their own competency models without external assistance. Learn alternative methods for building single competency models and approaches for building competency models for multiple jobs.

The Certified Manager (CM) Program is a comprehensive program of management training and assessment that leads to CM certification. The program can be taken as self-study or group classroom training.

Train-the-trainer leader, through Corporate and on-site workshops.

This workshop introduces you to the OD field and to tools and techniques that you can draw upon for successfully managing your change project.

This course discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), O*NET and enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles (eDOT) in assisting the unemployed, college graduate, disabled individual career changer.

Learn to diagnose conflict situations in order to address them appropriately and with the greatest opportunity for successful resolution.

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