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Depending on the business need, you may be eligible for more than your allocated storage space. For Campus contact the UIT Service Desk at (801) 581-4000 option 1. For Hospital and Clinic users contact the University of Utah Health Care Service Desk at (801) 587-6000. If you are approaching the 50 GB storage limit and need more space your account will be reviewed and eligibility determined

As a user of the University’s Box Service, you are responsible for all data and content that you upload to the Box Service or otherwise create using the Box Service (collectively, “Data”). In addition, YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING RULES IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR ACCESS TO AND/OR USE OF THE BOX SERVICE:

The Box Service is primarily for University purposes and as such will follow the same de-provisioning rules as other systems when an individual is no longer affiliated with the University

Yes, you can download content you have uploaded. For data that has been shared with you, the ability to download is dependent on the permission level granted to you. If the data you want to download is sensitive, please follow University of Utah or University of Health Care guidelines for handling sensitive information. See the Box Security Usage Matrix.

Yes. This process will also transfer the size of the content against the new owner’s quota and free up storage space for you. See the article Box.com: Managing Collaborators for details.

Shared links allow you to grant read-only access to content for both internal users (i.e. box.utah.edu users) and external users. For more active collaboration, you can share files and folders with both internal and external users by adding them as collaborators to your folder(s) and set a variety of permission levels ranging from viewer to editor to co-owner. See the article Box.com: Different access levels on Box collaboration for more details.

  • Box Help includes videos, best practices and help documentation. Go to https://support.box.com/ to connect. To get up and running quickly, view the tutorial “5 Skills to Get Up and Running Fast. “
  • If you need technical assistance such as logging in, uploading content, or collaborating with others, consult your local IT support or contact the UIT Service Desk at (801) 581-4000 option 1 or University of Utah Health Care Service Desk at (801) 587-6000.
  • Search University of Utah’s Knowledge Base for specific help documentation.

Box is approved for storing and exchanging sensitive data such as HIPAA and FERPA content, subject to the guidelines for handling sensitive information. See the Box Security Usage Matrix.

Your files and folders are encrypted both during upload and download and while on Box.com, they remain encrypted. Access to this content is controlled through authentication and permission controls as set by you. You can also set password protection on files and folder and set expiration dates for content sharing

Box.com does back up your data to protect against a system failure. However, there are some actions you can take against content that cannot be undone. You can use options such as versioning to protect the integrity of documents. Content you delete is also placed in the Trash. These items can be restored up to 30 days after the item was deleted. See the article Box.com: Deleting and Restoring Files for details.

Due to storage caches, this may happen. Box can manually fix this for you.

If this happens, you will need to open a case with Box directly.

To submit a case to Box:

  • In your Box account, select Help from the drop-down menu under your name.
  • Select Submit a Case from the right-hand side under Need Help.
  • Follow the prompts to submit a case.

“Versioning” is a process that tracks changes to a document and records who made the modification. This enables a user to reverse to a previous version of the file without having to save multiple copies. Box provides versioning for files and will keep up to 100 versions which are accessible through the web interface to Box. See the article Support.Box.com: Creating files and folders: Tracking your file versions for details.

You can customize the types of email notifications you receive by modifying the email notification settings in your account. See the article Support.Box.com: Email Notifications from Box for details.

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