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Global Vacation Network is celebrating 16 years of sales and service. GVN is the largest independent distributor for Global Connections, Inc®. What began as a buying service in 1971 has transformed into a world premier travel club. Today, GCI boasts a property portfolio with prime inventory in destinations around the world, plus develops and owns resorts in some of the most popular resort areas in U.S. Today, Global Connections, Inc® is one of the most respected travel club developers and travel fulfillment providers in the vacation industry. There have been over 250,000 participants who have attended a travel seminar at Global Vacation Network.

GVN is excited to announce that it is working diligently to provide internal marketing and incentive capabilities. Our intention is to foster the best relationships with our clients by eliminating all third party affiliations and with the vendors who are currently shipping the promotional items to each and every client. Global Vacation Network is committed to providing the best possible customer service before during and after the presentation of our products and services. While we realize that everyone is working diligently, we strive to upgrade and streamline our internal marketing and promotional efforts for the best possible results.

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365 Global Vacation Network Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Resolution In Progress

I was told with a 2000$ upgrade I would have so much more for the Caribbean options I go every year. For the last seven months I have been checking every day trying to book something by the end of the year. This might be the first year we don’t go which is super disappointing after spending that much money being told I would have so many choices :(. There are less options than I had before the upgrade and it’s very disappointing. Also was told if we can’t find something that they would look into other timeshare companies and get us what we’re looking for. After calling and asking if we could do that I was told it’s almost damn near impossible to do. I went on RCI site and so many places to stay in Saint Maarten! I has never been so disappointed with Global Connections.

Resolution In Progress

We joined in February 2014. We have never used the program but not because we didn’t like it but didn’t take the time. I found out late they charged us the membership fee on our anniversary date each year even though we didn’t use it (that was the deal, don’t use it don’t get charged). I talked with a gentleman and he offered me 3 options to receive the $1600+interest overcharge. This was August of 2018.

I have emailed several times, called and left messages on his work phone posted on his email, called the Dublin Oh office I had just went to a meeting at, left a message for the salesman I meet with and still have not received a call or email. I am in the process of gathering emails phone records and contract to send to the Attorney General. They charged me again this February and I immediately used the “contact us” on the website and told them they needed to drop the $410 because I didn’t use the service. No number to call so I have no proof I contacted them. My salesman said it happens and I should ask for all the options and have my account paid off!

As we were reviewing your account we found that you reached a representative who was able to resolve this with you prior to our review. We’re glad to see that they were able to take care of your situation.

The Global Team

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I’ve been reading these reviews and can totally stand by what they are saying. We got sucked into a presentation by winning a raffle prize. 3 day vacation. We wound up in the high pressure sales presentation. We kept refusing to buy in. Finally they came back with a “sold back” package. 2 stars, 4 stars for expressways. $2000 buy in which I thought was pretty good compared to what others paid. Our first trip was a resort in San Diego. $189 for the week once we paid the yearly fee and used both stars. Vacation was fantastic. I checked what it would have cost had we booked directly with the resort. It would have exceeded 2K for 7 days. So we basically got our money back in the first trip.

Since then we’ve used it several times for Florida. No problems. But lately I’ve noticed the same issues with available places. Horrible choices and never available when requested. They tried calling us to “update” our package and I pretty much told them no way. I said I didn’t like the high pressure sales tactics they used the first time so no way am I coming in again. I’m pretty sure this is why I no longer can find anything I would book. Thanks for all of your posts. I knew they were fishing for more money when they started calling.

There may be more options and benefits with newer updates to the membership but we are maintaining all of the previous vacation memberships as well. Resort availabilities can fluctuate and so being flexible and providing advanced notice are still the best tools to use in order to get the most choices from your membership. We’re glad that you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth with your membership and we’re looking forward to offering you many more wonderful vacations!

I purchased a membership less than 8 months ago, and have yet to be able to enjoy, the hefty initial investment, I made. In fact, I nor my partner have been able to utilize our membership, though we’ve traveled at least 20 times, during the course of our membership. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of the properties are 3 stars are less. Really. We were promised destinations that not available and neither the corporate customer service or the local office has seen fit to make right this situation. We were told that we would be receiving a follow-up call. CRICKETS. I’m at the point, where I feel swindled, completely bamboozled, this is the biggest MISTAKE of my life. This is not an up-sell. total deception – A con job. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Florida consumer affairs, regarding this company. I am so frustrated and perturbed by this situation that I am strongly thinking about hiring a lawyer to get my money back.

You did not purchase a membership from us. We are Global Vacation Network. Please re direct your review on to the company that you interacted with.

Global Vacation Network

Resolution In Progress

My husband and I have been Global Discovery Vacations members since 2014 and we’re really happy with our purchase in the beginning. Over the years the amount of properties available for booking kept declining to a point where there are only 2 destinations in the summer on their website – Arizona desert and California desert. Last year, while vacationing, we were invited to attend a “meeting” which turned out to be a sales presentation where we were offered an upgrade for several thousand dollars which would have given us access to more properties, and would have increased our star credits.

Well, we are working people with a son in high school, and our three weeks per year are enough vacation for us. Besides, we were not prepared to make such decision within 45 minutes so we declined the offer. When I posted my complaint about the situation, Andrew from Global Network contacted me and advised me to call an agent when booking, and they would give me more choices. Well, that did work last year but please keep in mind we are not too picky – we got Arizona in August.

Last week I contacted an agent again to ask for availability for this Summer. The lady was very helpful but both properties that she found for us were two-bedroom ($193 for the second bedroom), and required an additional $295 “peak season” fee. In other words, each vacation week would have cost us $658 with 1 star credit. Add the $410 annual membership fee to that and you will end up with a sum that would probably be enough to cover a simple vacation arrangement without GVN’s assistance. Unfortunately, I already paid our membership for this year so we are stuck and we will have to go to either Arizona or California just so we don’t waste it. Luckily, we have the option not to pay if we don’t travel with Global. I learned my lesson for next year!

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The lady Cassidy was very nice however they are promising customers things that they are not giving. They really need to not try to sell a 7000 package in 1 hour. That is not enough time for me to make a decision. It’s not the money. It’s the trust. Where is my 25$ Amazon card and my vacation package to Vegas?

My wife and I bought membership and at first were very satisfied but every year the availability of places is not there and the locations of the ones that are available are either dumps or in the middle of nowhere. If things don’t improve soon I will be contacting an attorney to get pro-rated portion of the initial price back. Advice is if it seems too good to be true it is. That certainly stands true for this company. I will say Nicole is very nice and does try to be helpful but her hands are tied.

Thank you for letting us know about your concerns and allowing us to assist you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Andrew Lyon

Global Vacation Network

I purchased this 10 years ago. It was great for years. Then I noticed the condominium availability had went to almost nonexistent. I would call and they would email me the same condos that were on the website, that was a joke. Then I get a phone call asking me to join a webinar scheduled to go over the upgrades and I agreed. She showed me the platform that I was using and then showed the upgrades and I was blown away. I got really excited and she told me they put millions into making this better. I was thinking to myself, “This is great,” I paid them close to 5k ten years ago and they put that money to use along with all the other members. Then all of a sudden BAM. “In order to use this we need you to pay more money.” She put me on hold and my blood started to boil.

When she came back I ask her, “So what you’re saying is Global took my and all other members’ money and used it to make this better for the new customers and we have to pay more or suffer with the old platform. Is the cable company running this company?” If I pay to improve my house the mortgage payment doesn’t go up. I would guess that a lot of their members are on a fixed income and can’t afford to pay more for something they already paid for. If there is a class action on these guys, please let me know. I am calling a class action lawyer to see what I can do. I’d like my money back. Why on earth wouldn’t we be grandfathered in. My only choices for summer condos are Arizona or California in the summer for the most part so it’s shake or bake are my only option. What a joke. They talked to me like I was a child setting up the appointment also.

This dude was saying stuff like, “Do you understand and you better be prepared for this call, don’t waste our time.” I am a 49 year old man that makes damn good money and I won’t waste it on something that I have already paid for. She wanted 8k more from me. Hahaha. I buy vacations on all the time. Cheaper than I can get it on here, so why would I pay 8k more? But we all know they scammed some of my fellow members and they didn’t get me twice. Shame on you Global Discovery. Shame on you.

I’m glad that I could help you even though you weren’t specifically with Global Vacation Network.

Resolution In Progress

My wife and I purchased a vacation package a few years ago and were very happy with it. Over the years the number of properties we had access to kept dwindling. We got a call to come see a presentation for the new packages that would give us access to more properties. We were talked into upgrading to a newer package and it cost us an extra $4,000.00. We are still unable to find a property where we would like to stay during the time we can go. Each time we attempt to book a condo we are told there is nothing available in the timeframes we were searching. To add insult to injury, the cost of the week stay on the new package costs more stars that on our old package. We would have been better off just staying on our old plan and that was never conveyed to us during the presentation. It was deceptive for them not to tell us this. Can’t believe we fell for it. Do not fall for this scam.

Thank you for using Global Vacation Network. We have vacation weeks available over every week of the year and would like the opportunity to help you find vacation weeks that you’re interested in. We had sent you a private message asking for your account number in order to assist you with this but have not received a reply from you. Please reply feel free to contact us at anytime.

Global Vacation Network

I signed up with this company. When I had a concern they addressed and resolved it.

This started in the typical fashion of being offered a free tablet. I told my SO not to go. She got sucked in at the meeting and I was there with her. They kept us there longer than they told us the presentation would last. We were told that we would be getting a package with “three stars” but they wrote down and only gave us “two stars” then charged us the same price quoted for three. The salesman used high pressure sales tactics, wasted the first 1.5 hours of the presentation telling us that what they were selling isn’t a timeshare nor anything related to it.

The same salesman committed fraud on our application. I work, my significant other hasn’t worked in three years. They set the plan up under her name then made me the co-signer while lying about her income. We both very plainly told the man she makes nothing and doesn’t work, he wrote down an income anyway just to get the application approved. Me and my significant other broke up half of a year ago, she had to declare bankruptcy and now I’m saddled with the bill. I’m sitting here weighing legal options like bankruptcy or the Attorney General. Do not sign anything, do not trust that you will get a solid product. The entire process felt like something out of Glengarry Glen Ross.

If you purchased with Global Vacation Network than you have a great vacation membership and we’d like to help you use it and resolve any concerns that you might have. We’re glad that we could work with you to restore your satisfaction with the company. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

The Global Team

I went to Global sell production. After reading reviews everything went on make sense. They said always available, no blackout days. Timeshares sales said same thing. Why these people I’m reading say they can’t book nothing there. I seen where it says power by RCI. I am a member of RCI. I had more problem with them than anyone. They lie you like a rug lay on floor. I not only one people talks at vacation. A lot of people said same thing. All they want your money and leave them alone. They change phone #, promise you anything make a sale.

It sounds like you may have gone to a meeting about a different company. Global Vacation Network, or GVN, is not powered by RCI. We’re upfront about how our program works and our members can reach us online or by phone. There are many travel companies with the words “Global” and “Vacation” in their name but we are the only “Global Vacation Network”.

Global Vacation Network

Their promotion people called me and scheduled me for a webinar on one of the Saturday almost 2 weeks ago and they were insisting that I have to attend this with my wife. I took a day off from my work and stayed home to attend the webinar. They did promise me that they will give me my $140 per person Disney vacation after the webinar no matter if we decide to join or not. But since the webinar has been completed 2 weeks ago I have not heard from anyone in this company regarding our free vacation. They did promise to give us a call and give us the vacation package in a day or 2 but I feel I’ve been cheated. I took a day off attended the webinar and they were lying and not planning to give us the vacation from the beginning.

We received a letter in the mail to renew for our membership. We paid off everything and haven’t used our membership yet, except for our free trip. We were told we would not have to pay our $435 yearly fee if we didn’t use it that year. They did this last time too and we had to call and make sure they didn’t charge us. I’ve called twice and my husband called twice and no one has called back. Pretty sure this place is a scam. Also, our free trip wasn’t that nice. It was dark and looked dirty. I doubt it’s ever been updated. Don’t purchase a membership through them. Waste of money and time!!

Thank you for notifying us about your experience. The letter was sent to you as courtesy reminder. No fee is being charged to you. You are never obligated to renew your membership but are free to leave it inactive for as long a period as you like. In any year that you would like to use your vacation membership and star credits, simply pay that year’s Activity Fee. We’re looking forward to sending you on some great vacations.

The Global Team

My husband and I purchased a vacation package a few years ago and were very excited with what the package had to offer. Fast forward to today and the only time we have been able to use our package was the free gift vacation we received at the presentation. This was not due to a lack of trying. Each time we have attempted to use the program, we are told there is nothing available in the locations we want to go. We have tried to book vacations in Florida, New Mexico and even Alabama. We looked into 3 separate cruises too. For each of these attempts we were told there was nothing available in the timeframes we were searching.

I would really like to use this service one day, but it doesn’t seem to fit our lives no matter what or where we try to go. Our most recent request was to visit Albuquerque New Mexico over Thanksgiving. The closest they could get us was Santa Fe. Over an hour away. Too far to drive for family visits. We haven’t fully given up on this program, but we are close. I imagine they don’t give refunds when the program just doesn’t work, but I sure would like one. We paid a lot of money to get our one “free” trip.

The Global Team

My husband and I listened to their presentation and decided to sign up. We were paying our payments but when we went to use it there were no available cabins on the cruise ships we were wanting to book or the price was higher than what I could book it for online. Now we have this huge bill in collections for something we never used and paid them quite a bit of money already for nothing.

Hi Beth, In addition to the main value of your membership there are fixed discounted prices for select cabins on select cruise lines. Like any reservation system the cabins are booked on a first come first serve basis so advanced notice is key. If the discounted cabins that are only available through your membership have been sold out for a particular date or ship, than you can book a non discounted cabin or select a different date or ship.

The Global Team

We purchased a Global Vacation timeshare 5 years ago. We have only used it 2 times because of lack of availability of vacations and locations. I feel like we were completely duped in the presentation. Lots of pictures were shown of several vacation spots but when we went to find them they were not available or completely dropped from their inventory. Locations of property is very limited. We found out 3 years later that in order to get more properties we would have to upgrade. That was after a 2 hour presentation in our home! UGH! Needless to say we did not upgrade.

Fast forward 2 years later we get another call that they want to talk to us regarding our membership again. We schedule a phone conference on a Friday night at 5 pm. Several times during the course of the 1.5 hour phone call I point blank asked the girl “can you get to the point, I feel like you are trying to sell me something.” I told her I cannot be on the phone anymore. Well another 30 minutes later yep you guessed it. In order to have more availability it would cost us another 4000.00. I said no and then she discounted it to 2000.00. I did not purchase. I am so disappointed with this purchase. DO NOT BUY IT. DO NOT GET DUPED BY THESE 4 AND 5 STAR REVIEWS. They are probably friends or family.

The Global Team

To start they gave me a call and coached us for the interview. Told us to tell them we make more than $40,000 a Year. I told them we didn’t when I got there. For some reason they ignore me and told me that they will put us in the lowest payment possible. After they took us to the office and then told us to just initial and sign everything to don’t worry that they were going to “Hook us up”. Lies. When I asked if we changed our minds and want to cancel they told us that there was no canceling. But wait there’s more. So we got home to get the online account to work and it took almost a week to work. In top of that we (my wife and myself) finally got in the account and guess what? We go to check our agreement online and find out we had at least 10 days to cancel and get our money back.

So I called them 11 days later because we didn’t get a copy of the cancel time or the agreement and they told us that it was too late already. So we said, “Ok. We got stuck with it. Let’s just use it,” I told my wife. Our anniversary was on February 2 and we wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Check the program to book something. For our disappointment guess what nothing for us to book. I called them to see if they could help. They told me they were going to call me back. Still waiting for their call.

I’m very upset at the lies and the things that this company has done. I have tried to call corporate and it has been 4 calls and almost 5 month of someone telling us that someone in the higher company was going to call me. I have not received any call. No voicemail or emails. Nothing. So please don’t do it. I’m going to find a way to get a lawyer and see where it goes from there. Almost a year and still haven’t used it. If there is anyone who want to get involve please let me know. I will start the process.

Thank you for speaking our agent on the phone. Global Vacation Network is an independent distributor of the GDV vacation membership but we are not the distributor that you worked with. We are sorry to hear about the experience that you had with the distributor that you worked with but since we are not affiliated with them we are unable to address your concerns. We encourage you to reach out directly to the company with which you worked.

The Global Team

Don’t do it! My mother-in-law paid $250 to have her membership transferred to us so we could enjoy what she hadn’t used in 11 years due to health issues. We would have to pay another $5000.00 to even be able to “see” what and where we could go. All I want is my mom to get her $250.00 back. Have left 6 messages over past 3 weeks (BTW she paid this in April! It took this long to even get this far!) and of course, nobody can call me back. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM!

You would never have to upgrade the membership in order see vacation availabilities and travel with it. Your mother-in-law gave you a ‘golden oldy’ of a vacation membership that allows you to place a vacation request for a location and date with advanced notice, then, one of our booking agents would contact you with options of places that you could confirm.

The Global Team

I want my money back and cancel my contract ASAP! I “purchased” a membership to this organization, and because I was a Goldstar family member of the military, they “gave” me what they call a better deal. Four month later I lost my job, and wanted to cancel the membership but was told I could only reduce my payments; that was almost two years ago. I have moved to another state, and tried on numerous occasions to call, to cancel this contract, and receive no call back at all. Darn. Wasted $$$!

However every other month, I received an call with an invitation to come in because the company was “reorganizing”. I’ve call the 1-877-214-9699, ask to speak to Ruby, voicemail only–I left a message, and honestly, Not One Person return my call. I will have to agree this is a scam and I wish to God I had never heard of them. This is nothing but a huge scam. Stay away.

I paid $3K 7/2013 for just 1 star/6 expressways, and what was supposed to be a great selection of condo and cruise vacations. But like many people who bought into this program, found myself very disappointed when it came to availability and selection. If you want peak season that is $295 more, if you need another room that is $193.00 more, and after using my star since I only have one, to use those other 5 expressways it is $209 more per trip. Every couple years they contact me to upsell the contract (that I have never been able to use due to limited selection and availability). Now they want me to buy in at least another $2500 for a new website?? (with a search engine) And the only ones who get access are those who accept the up sale. This seems like bait and switch. No proof that they have any more or less properties than before, seems like they penalize people for not dumping more money into failed investment.

The Global Team

We were promised that we could get a suite for 189 a week and that we could book a vacation anywhere and it would only cost $3,000.00. We paid 150.00 every month and I had payments scheduled to get back on track for not being able to pay it every month and we had already paid 2500 and should of only had to pay another 500. They charged us 2 fees and cancelled the account and sent it to collections saying we owe 4500. We also were going to buy tickets to go to Jamaica and they wanted to charge us 1200 per ticket and we got the tickets for 600 at Expedia. They said that if we had gotten the plane ticket with a hotel would of been cheaper and after looking it up I had seen that they were full of crap. Whatever you do do not use them or recommend them. It is a complete scam and I am going to be contacting a lawyer.

We signed up 2 years ago and have only once found a resort in a destination we want. When we went there, all amenities were extra charge so we ended up paying a lot more than we would have without Global for another hotel. We signed up through a ‘special offer’ but were not told that we would be charged an 18% finance fee every month! We are out of a lot of money and we’re told by phone we cannot cancel this. The representatives who gave us their business cards are not reachable and their numbers are not in service. We would like to cancel our membership!

I’m glad that we could work together to resolve the concerns you had. Most of the amenities at resorts booked with your membership are available to our members free of charge. Although the original representatives who had given you their personal business cards may no longer be with the company, you can reach the main service center at the 800 # or, please feel free to contact me at the number or email address I’ve given to you.

Global Vacation Network

I received a call from Andrew (looks like he’s helped quite a few GDV members) who gave me some helpful tips. I will follow his advice, and maybe in the near future I will be able to give a 5-start rating to Global Discovery Vacations. Thank you for your timely response and for willing to resolve this matter!

We have been Global Discovery Vacations members for three years now. We haven’t had many opportunities to use their services but overall we were satisfied with the program. It really is a hit or miss but we are not picky so we tried to make the best out of our vacations. The company recently increased our membership fees but we thought there was an inflation rate to consider so we were OK with that.

While we were vacationing with Global last month, we were called and asked to go for a brief meeting to their nearby office since our membership needed to be updated. I specifically asked if that was going to be a sales presentation because we had friends with us. I was told that “no, it was not going to be anything like that”, and we would each (our friends and our family) get a free one-week vacation for the trouble (which we did at the end). So we went, and sure enough that WAS a presentation, where the agent was trying to sell us an “upgrade” for $2600 in order to gain more star weeks, and more hotel choices.

First of all, we were quite upset that we had to drag our friends along and waste their time, and second – we were definitely not prepared to spend that kind of money on such a short notice, so we denied the offer. After we came back home, I started looking for a new destination for our last star week for the year, and to my surprise there was nothing to choose from! One bedroom condos were a real treasure to find, and for the month of August there were only TWO options, both in Arizona! They sure want us to upgrade!

When we first signed up with Global, we thought that we had made a great choice, giving us the opportunity, therefore the motivation, to travel and take time away from our busy lives. We were never told that at some point we would have to upgrade, for about the same price we paid only three years ago, to be able to enjoy our “life-time” investment. Right now I feel like we were tricked and would not recommend the company to any of my friends. Still wondering what to do with the one star week we have left.

Andrew of Global Vacation Network and myself have come to a mutual understanding and have worked to resolve my concerns. He was a true professional and always acted with the utmost in courteous and

respect in representing Global Vacation Network.

This company took advantage of me as a senior by being very high pressure and having inexperienced agents wait on us (one was in training). Also, telling us that it didn’t matter where you traveled it was all $187.00 per week. We specifically asked about Hawaii and yes was the answer. When we tried to schedule, not only was nothing available, but the prices were triple what was promised. Also, we tried calling many times only to be put forever on hold and when leaving messages were never called back. Just recently when we tried to get out of the contract they were very rude saying we signed and had to hold up to our part. The problem was they never held up their part of the contract by being deceiving and lying. Stay away from Global Vacation Network.

Thank you for letting us know about your concerns and for speaking with me on the phone. I’m glad that we could find a way to work together. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

Global Vacation Network

Promised to receive a substantial prize that was completely bogus. Paid money to travel and receive my prize. Illegally solicited me on my do-not-call number. DO NOT EXPECT TO GET THE PRIZE YOU ARE PROMISED.

Global Vacation Network

My parents bought a 5 star package in their retirement. They never ended up using due to sudden poor health. My dad always told me. “It goes to you kids when we die.” Apparently not! Apparently they would have had to transfer it BEFORE their death. So if you own and die suddenly. Global gets your package back free and clear. Global rep just told me my dad KNEW that when he bought it. sounds like a hidden scam to me. My dad was so proud he and mom were leaving something for his children to enjoy after he and mom passed! My dad passed suddenly first and my mother was paralyzed her last 4 years of life so couldn’t notarize anything! After global told me all this. they then offer to sell me a “discounted” package! REALLY. I think this place is a scam to weasel money out of old people.

Please allow us to offer you our sincere condolences on the passing of your mother and father.

We haven’t received any replies to the private messages we have sent to you in regard to this. We would like the opportunity to address and resolve the concerns that you have around the potential methods of transfer of your late parent’s vacation membership.

Could you please reply privately with your contact information?

Global Vacation Network

My husband and I purchased this travel plan 5 years ago. We have never been able to use the vacation “stars” or time due to the lack of destination locations and time of year. All resorts located in Florida etc. are during the peak Hurricane season. Even if you are looking at off peak times to travel the destinations are usually not available or cost more than what is being sold. Also, do NOT attend a presentation. They will promise some sort of gift but you will leave with a $5 gift card to Walmart of the like and think you are getting a 3-4 day Cruise. However, once you read the fine print and all the reviews you will see that you never get the cruise but pay additional $200+ in fees. The whole program is a SCAM and they hope that folks like my husband and I just give up. I will be looking to take this company to small claims court in order to re-coup some of our funds.

Global Vacation Network

My husband and I went to a presentation and bought with Global Vacation Network back in 2007 when we lived near Chicago. The salespeople were very helpful and they even got me some peanut M&M’s when my blood sugar started to dip since we were there past dinner time. We were quite skeptical that they could work with my husband’s difficult schedule and were concerned with the time restraints of our three school age children. In the end we decided to give it a try and we both agree that we’re glad that we did. We’ve always loved to travel and wanted an affordable way to take our children to other states and other countries as they got older and be able to return to areas in Europe and Mexico where we had traveled during our engagement. We held our breath and put in our first vacation request for the Wisconsin Dells.

We were delighted to discover that the two bedroom accommodations at the Tamarack in the Dells were more than adequate, the full kitchen had everything that we needed and more and that most of the places had washers and dryers. Over the next few years we found similar accommodations with Global in MI, IN, OH, TN and SC. Myrtle Beach has become a family favorite and we’ve been back several times using different resorts there with our Global membership. We have had a few small problems with some of the places (keys, A/C unit and a shower). In each case the resort or Global has stepped up to fix the problem. We’ve found that it’s best to contact the resort first if there’s a problem and only reach out to Global if the resort staff doesn’t handle it.

The membership has had some upgrades over the years and we’ve purchased more “star credits” so we can get larger units and travel more often. We’ve been able to take 4 vacation weeks a year for the last several years and have taken the whole family to Spain and France and Mexico with the Global Vacation program and have plans for Australia and Ireland. We certainly would not have been able to afford to travel this much without the Global program and we have recommended it to friends and family. Many Thanks.

Wish we never signed up with Global Connections/Discovery Vacations. We have been members for almost 3 years. We have only been able to book through them once. We have tried several times and are told that we need to book more than a year out. Not good options, old, dirty, run down places, Very discouraged, we are out a lot of money with nothing to show for it. It is a SCAM! We want out! How do we get out of it?

Global Vacation Network

We’ve been members since 2002, and so there have been many improvements through the years that we were not aware of with Global Vacation Network. I wish I had known Andrew (GVN customer service specialist) before I wrote my earlier review–Andrew spent a great deal of time discussing the program with us and sharing information on how to get the most out of our membership, and he well-informed us of how the program has improved over the years.

Global Vacation has taken steps to improve communication between GVN owned properties and non owned properties to ensure a safe and relaxing vacation for their members. The customer service side of GVN has greatly improved over the years as well, and we recently had the opportunity to speak with them simultaneously while working with Andrew, and we were very impressed and look forward to speaking with them in the future. As our issues were genuine, GVN took responsibility and they have worked diligently to resolve all of our issues. We look forward to vacationing using our Global Vacation membership now and into the future.

We were called by Global back in 2002. Very high pressure and confusing. We were offered the deal for $7500 originally. When we refused, they came down and down and down. $2600 and we were gone after a five hours sales pitch. The problem is we paid very high interest on the $2600. So they still got their money. The bigger problem was after we paid it off. They called again. We were so young, we were new business owners and had no attorney check the paperwork for us. These kind of contracts should never be considered without being looked over by an attorney. But it’s not like we had the opportunity. That price was only good that one moment. When we got called back that second time three years later, we had not even used it except for the free hotel stay in Hawaii, which was a nasty hotel, and for a Disney trip we took just weeks after purchasing the package.

So we hadn’t really gotten used to how it all worked. Very confusing. Anyway, we were nuts to go back, but the way they got us to go back for another contract was (Darren **) Customer Service Manager, this was like the year 2005, said that they wanted to make good on the package. He claimed that some people didn’t get what they were promised and that they wanted to make sure we got everything we should have gotten. He said the last thing they wanted was for people to come back down the road, upset, that they found out they didn’t get the same thing that others got. WOW! We fell hook line and sinker.

The first time really was not a ripoff. If not for the second time around life would be great. Perhaps that is why they really called us back. They reviewed some contracts and found they didn’t get enough money to really make out good. Darren ** told us they had added some new resorts and they even added cruises. We could get on that cruise list if we paid another $2600. I advised him we couldn’t do it because of the high interest rate on the previous contract. Yeah, the interest rate was so high we ended up paying about $7000. We should not have gone back, but we did and we signed when he said the interest rate would not be so high this time.

The problem I discovered later was that the annual fee that was originally not to exceed $359 was now not to exceed $700. Darren never mentioned that the annual fee would change and we didn’t catch on until it was too late. I called Global and they refused to change it. I tried to call Darren ** but the number was no longer in service. Of course it wasn’t in service! Basically there is not much savings. Especially when there is no guarantee the place you will get is even as superb as they said the places would be. It’s hit or miss. Some places are awful and some are really nice.

We are now considering going to Mexico using Global. We did go two years ago and we stayed at the Canto Del Sol, which was very nice. No complaints about the room or resort really, just the staff. After our Global package experience my husband and I decided never ever under no circumstance would we attend any such type of sales sessions. And believe me there have been many just like Global that have surfaced over the years. And they are getting more clever and it’s way easier for them to commit fraud on your credit cards.

I will say this, and I hope Global keeps themselves at bay and avoids temptations to commit fraud on their members–Since I spoke to Global directly when reserving my vacation, and the office is in the US (which doesn’t mean they can’t fraud us, it just means so far they haven’t. Not that I can see). I provided my credit card to pay everything including the taxes. Global informed me that there is an all inclusive offer of $1000 per person for the buffet, but they we could decide that later once we were in Mexico if we chose, or we could do it right then over the phone. I turned it down because it was quite a steep price. That’s $2000 for food for two for one week.

I am familiar with Mexico and I chose to shop for groceries and prepare our meals in our fully equipped condo. I paid Global over the phone via credit card and my credit card information has so far been safe. So far no fraud has been committed on my accounts. If I had paid via credit card anything in Mexico things would have turned out much different. We arrived in Mexico and the hotel staff at Canto Del Sol was made up partially of RNC representatives and they insisted on having us attend a 50% off breakfast–in a huge room set up like a Global sales conference room. We refused. But when they wouldn’t stop stalking us everywhere we went, we finally agreed to go. They wanted our credit card number. We told them we would pay cash. They were instantly upset. That’s what we thought! They were going to one way or another get us to buy a vacation package via giving us discounted food and a high sales pressure pitch.

This was our vacation! For three days, they stalked us. They called our room. They followed us when they saw us eating food on the premises and they confronted us wanting to know how we got the food since we had not purchased the food plan. They carry clipboards probably with everyone’s name, room number, and who knows what else. Anyway, we advised we bought the food at the grocery store and brought it here. They walked away, and then they huddled in a corner having a discussion. They would glance over at us now and then.

Incidentally, the resort is stripped of vending machines completely. There is no place to purchase food for cash. You have to provide a credit card and they don’t even particularly allow you to purchase a single meal out at the cafe or even a drink at the bar. We don’t drink alcohol, but we did attempt to buy a coke. The guy looked at us strange and gave it to us for free. It was late in the evening when this occurred and that’s probably the only reason they gave it to us. What happened was that after they continued to stalk us and continually trying to get us to attend the breakfast (which we never did) and to bring a credit card we went to the front desk and told them what had been going on (not that they didn’t know already) but we told them this needed to stop. That under no circumstance are we giving them our credit card.

We also complained about how they refused to let anyone purchase food, and how there were no vending machines to buy snack or beverages, or even medicine. We told them we had figured out that most of the staff are actually a group of sales people dressed like hotel staff and we do not want to purchase anything. We told them we have Global and we do not want another package. They agreed to leave us alone. They even agreed to let us pay for some food with cash. We never did buy the food. We were fed up. Pun unintended! But we did still have a great time once we got them off our case. When I got home I called Global and asked if they were aware of the RNC (can’t remember what it stands for but they are online and there are many complaints about them frauding people via credit cards) staff and that they harass members. Global said no.

I told them about our experience with there being no vending machines and how we couldn’t buy food, and how we were confronted when we were spotted eating our own food. Global acted surprised. I’m not sure if they were really surprised. I think they know this goes on and they either choose not to do anything about it, or they can’t do anything about it, or they are in on it. I certainly hope not. I really do want to use Global without being robbed. I’ve paid enough. I just want to enjoy my vacations now. We are planning to go soon back to Mexico, but we will likely stay at Krystal International resort as Can Del Sol has no room available. We will see how it goes.

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