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Forensic Psychology Graduate Programs & Criminal Psychology Schools

Forensic science graduate programs help prepare students for a variety of career paths. Forensic psychology graduate programs develop individuals that often play a role in punishing and preventing crimes. Some people seek criminal psychology schools, but the technical term is forensic psychology degree earned at schools or colleges. Professionals that have graduated from forensic psychology degree programs often work to figure out why certain types of people commit crimes; what type of person committed a given crime; and how to prevent people from committing crimes.

High Employment Industries for Forensic Psychologists

Forensic Psychology Graduate Program Options

After obtaining your undergraduate degree in psychology. there are several different graduate level degree types you can earn from a graduate program in forensic psychology such as a Criminal and Investigative Psychology masters degree, or a Master of Arts in Counseling: Specialization in Forensic Psychology, or a Psy.D. Clinical Forensic Psychology. Learn more about graduate degrees in forensic psychology today!

Types of Forensic Psychology Graduate Programs

Filter your search by degree for Masters Programs in Forensic Psychology or PhD Doctorate Programs in Forensic Psychology. Just starting out? Consider a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology. Or search online forensic psychology degrees. Find the right forensic psychologist schools and graduate programs for you. Filter by location to find the best criminal psychology forensic psychology graduate schools near you or around the world.

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