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What are relevant teaching fields to elementary education?

You can specialize or earn a degree in relevant areas of study including special education, early childhood education, ESL, and secondary education. Teachers who wish to work at the administrative level such as being a school principal or superintendent often pursue a PhD degree in Education or Doctorate in Education. Below are additional teaching degrees that are available to you.

Early Childhood Education :

Refers to educational programs and strategies geared toward children from birth to the age of eight with a focus on guiding children to learn through play. The term often refers to preschool or infant/child care programs.

Secondary education is a major in which students learn to teach middle and high school students in specific subject areas, such as chemistry, history, English, mathematics, physics, or a foreign language.

Special education is instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of children who have disabilities and often includes special instruction in the classroom, at home, in hospitals or institutions, or in other settings.

English as a Second Language (ESL) :

ESL refers to English as a Second Language instruction and curriculum development for non-native speakers of English. ESL instructors are typically trained and licensed elementary or high school teachers with an ESL Endorsement or Bilingual Certification.

What do I need to know about teacher certification?

Teacher certification is the process by which prospective teachers get licensed to teach within a given area after completing all the required steps. Certification requirements vary by state; however, most states typically require that following steps have been successfully completed:

Must complete a state approved teacher education program from a regionally accredited college/university in your desired grade level and/or subject area

Verify completion of the required student teaching hours or field practicum. Field experiences and student teaching must be in the area of certification candidate is seeking.

Pass the required competency examinations for the grade level you wish to teach: early childhood, elementary, middle school, secondary, special education, as well as subject area tests for secondary teaching.

Apply for certification in the state in which you wish to teach. Each state has its own specific rules and regulations for teacher certification.

Maintain teacher certification in your state through renewal and continuing education requirements as determined by the state in which you teach. Visit teach.org to see what your state requires.

What additional resources are available to learn more about elementary education?

Below you ll find a list of just a few of our many useful resources about elementary education in addition to trusted sites with information about teacher certification and answers to common questions:

  • Leading Sites for Elementary Educators . From educational videos to interactive games and even e-book publishers, classroom management advice, and teachable moments from teachers who blog, a driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these leading sites.
  • What You Need to Know About Teacher Certification . Our guide on teacher certification provides the how s and why s of acquiring teaching certification, with some helpful links from trusted sources.
  • How to Become an Elementary School Teacher A Career Guide . Our comprehensive career guide offers useful pointers to help you get started on your journey towards a becoming an elementary school teacher.
  • Certification Requirements by State . The U.S. Department of Education provide information on teaching job opportunities, specific state licensure regulations, and much more.

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