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Word Origin & History

degree early 13c. from O.Fr. degre “a degree, step, rank,” from V.L. *degradus “a step,” from L.L. degredare, from L. de- “down” + gradus “step” (see grade). Most modern senses date from M.E. from notion of a hierarchy of steps. Meaning “a grade of crime” is 1670s; that of “a unit of temperature” is from 1727. The division of the circle into 360 degrees is very ancient and was known in Babylon and Egypt. It is perhaps from the daily motion of the sun through the zodiac in the course of a year.

Example Sentences for degree

He is to that degree embruted by his success that he thinks this all very simple.

That ever that noble passion, lust, should ebb to this degree.

Ask him what he says first and then well give him the third degree for a time.

It had, however, in some degree. the recommendation of novelty.

The same is true, in degree. of the rain which falls upon the other portions.

As he intended to profess the common law, he, took no degree.

He from that moment acquires a degree of consideration which he never had before.

If we get the bow half a degree across the current, it is all up with us.

Only the heart of a professional writer of pathos can be one degree harder.

The case is not in any degree altered by my change of fortune.

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