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Graduate jobs with a business management degree

What can a Business and Management graduate do?

Business and Management graduates are possibly the most prepared and versatile to enter the graduate job market, with a broad set of skills with practical applications across many sectors. Many of the graduate jobs available require their specific skill set, which makes them very attractive to prospective employers.

While some sectors lend themselves more readily to a Business and Management background, graduates should take stock of their experiences as a whole and consider the full range of their options.

The Business world is fast-paced and dynamic, with many opportunities available, while Management is a rewarding career choice with room for rapid advancement. Business graduates may also consider a career in a specific departmental business role such as Finance. Marketing or Human Resources. or a career in Accountancy or Law.

Business graduates have the basics already, so a job which allows them to work towards their CIPFA or ACCA qualifications may be beneficial.

Taking Stock of Skills

Business and Management degrees provide graduates with a very specific set of skills:

Analysis – Business degrees teach graduates to look at business structures and systems in an analytical way. This approach is not only useful in business—the ability to analyse data, facts and figures is a valuable skill in many settings.

Business sense – Business graduates have a keen eye which helps them determine what is profitable, commercially viable or worth investment. They understand how to drive profits and make a business successful.

Communication – Business is all about communication. Whether it is a presentation to the board or negotiating with suppliers, proper etiquette is vital. Business graduates know how to communicate effectively and conduct themselves appropriately.

Management – Management requires being able to motivate staff, work hard, and get the most out of different situations and business opportunities. Business students understand the intricacies of management and how to put those skills into practice.

Numerical competency – Business is a numbers game, and business graduates have the training to work out the figures for a company or organisation and apply the numbers to the business world, which can help a company get ahead.

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