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Biomedical Sciences

Actual minimum grade ranges required for Fall 2017 admission/wait list consideration will be determined based on grades and qualifications presented by the applicant pool as they become available. Required grade ranges may fluctuate from year to year (up or down) as a result of competition. Applicants not educated in Ontario may present the equivalent of the Ontario requirements. Ryerson reserves the right to determine equivalency at its sole discretion.

Domestic Fees Range: $7,131 – $9,502
International Fees Range: $23,604 – $23,664

About the Program. What we know today about diseases and how to diagnose and treat them largely comes from the pioneering work of biomedical scientists, who play a critical role in advancing knowledge about how cells function. Armed with deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the cellular and molecular sciences, Ryerson graduates conduct research to better understand medically relevant concerns such as how cells turn cancerous, how microorganisms attack the body and how gene expression affects aging. You will be prepared to understand how the body works, and generate newer and better therapies and other approaches to address illness. A large and growing field with a strong demand for qualified practitioners and researchers, biomedical sciences offers a variety of rewarding career opportunities in government, academic and industrial settings.

This program selects students on the basis of academic achievement/grades only. Additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration.

Thinking of applying? Make sure the program is still accepting applications .

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