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Jobs with biology degree

At the Texas Woman’s University Department of Biology, our goal is to promote a thorough understanding of the processes of life, its evolution and its diversity. We prepare students for careers, advanced graduate studies or professional training in the biological sciences.

Why Study Biology at TWU?

  • Unlimited opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research under the guidance of experienced faculty with diverse interests and specialties.
  • Dedicated support and mentorship from and for women in the biological sciences.
  • Labs and facilities that offer hands-on experience, including the TWU herbarium and butterfly garden.

Degree Programs

Jobs with biology degree


  • Bachelor of science (B.S.) in biology
    • Students majoring in biology may choose to supplement their degree with a research emphasis.
  • Bachelor of science (B.S.) in biology with teacher certification – Prospective educators may choose from three degree tracks:
    • Grades 4-8 science
    • Grades 7-12 composite science
    • Grades 7-12 life science
  • Bachelor of science (B.S.) in medical technology
  • For non-majors, we also offer minors in biology and general science.


Career Outlook

Our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs provide a foundation for success in a number of professional fields. Whether your interests lie in research, education, forensic science, healthcare, biotechnology, zoology or environmental conservation, a biology degree from Texas Woman’s University will prepare you for the rewarding career of your choice.

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