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The Best 295 Business Schools 2016 Edition is here

We surveyed more than 22,000 students at 295 business schools so we can tell you which b-schools have the best professors, the most competitive students, and more. Find out if your dream MBA program made one of our 11 unique ranking lists.

See the complete list of our 295 Best Business Schools, or view the list by region.

Featured Rankings

Check out our complete list of 295 Business schools, based on surveys of school administrators and over 22,000 students.

You re pursuing your MBA for a brighter future. Find out which schools have the best track records for getting students jobs and the highest starting salaries.

Looking to smash the glass ceiling? These schools will give you a boost by offering the best experience for women.

These schools provide specific resources and supportive cultures to the most diverse faculty and student populations.

Find out which schools have the most competitive applicant pools and celebrate big-time if you get in!

Exciting and accessible professors can make or break your b-school experience. Find out which schools have the most highly rated faculties.

Check out which schools are home to the most celebrated faculty, the brightest class discussions, and most cutting edge trends in both business and learning.

You ll be living on or near campus for at least three years find a beautiful b-school in a livable location.

Want to be sure you ll get the business classes you want on your schedule? These schools run smoothly, making it easy for students to register for required and popular courses.

If you re bringing your family to b-school with you, you need this list. These schools have the happiest married students and offer support to students with children.

Do you perform best under pressure? Check out the schools with the biggest workloads and the most intense environments.

Looking to apply your MBA to sustainability or social issues? Students at these schools feel the most prepared for those challenges!

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