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Mbbs degree

Medicine (MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) MBBS

Our medicine degree offers an innovative approach to medical education, training students to become professional, compassionate doctors. You will benefit from a state-of-the-art curriculum; designed with local patients. We offer a warm, supportive and multi-cultural learning environment, where every student is treated as an individual. You’ll enjoy early patient contact and clinical placements in the NHS from Year 1. The programme is delivered by expert staff in the University and our associate NHS education providers.

In 2018, this course is open to international students and a limited number of places will be available for UK students from the North West of England. Weighting will be given to UK Widening Participation students. UK applications from outside the North West will not be considered. Two regional UK scholarships offering full tuition fees and a maintenance grant are also available. For more information, see below*

*In 2018, UCLan will only accept UK applications from the North West of England and additional weighting will be given to Widening Participation students. This will not affect our international recruitment.

The university has a long history of encouraging participation in higher education by those who are academically capable, but whose participation in HE has been disadvantaged or have not been encouraged to consider this option. This is reflected in our Access Agreement.

It is also our strategy to support regional medical workforce recruitment and sustainability by training local students who are committed to studying and working in the region. The school also aims to widen the demographic profile of the medical student body, encouraging those traditionally less likely to enter into medicine and help develop a workforce which better reflects the local population which it serves.

In 2018, 17 UK places will be available at UCLan. UK Application will be very competitive and we strongly discourage students who are not resident in the North West of England from applying to the UCLan MBBS programme in 2018 as they will not be eligible and will waste a valuable UCAS choice.

This will not affect our international recruitment.

This degree will deliver graduates with a UK primary medical qualification who are to take on the roles and responsibilities of a medical doctor entering into foundation postgraduate training or international equivalent, as required by the GMC.

There is an emphasis on basic medical sciences, communication and clinical skills to help you develop skills in evaluating clinical and scientific evidence. Throughout the programme, you will benefit from a range of learning strategies, such as small group tutorials, seminars, laboratory-based teaching sessions, workshops and clinical placements in primary and secondary care.

In Years 3 and 4, you will complete supervised clinical placements in one of our clinical education partners including; East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and GP practices across Lancashire and Cumbria, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and others. You will also spend one day per week either at the UCLan Burnley or Westlakes Campus for additional teaching.

After Year 4, high performing students may be offered the opportunity to take an additional year and gain a master’s degree. Additionally, many students will also produce publications and have the opportunity to present their research work at national or international conferences.

Year 5 is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to develop your early professional practice, through a rotation of four, six-week apprenticeships. These are designed to encourage independent working with close supervision from departmental mentors and an assigned clinical supervisor.

There are three themes which run throughout the five-year programme:

1. Integrated Science and Clinical Medicine (ISCM) – the scientific concepts that underpin biology, health and disease in relation to the practice of medicine. In Years 3 and 4, ISCM becomes Medicine in Clinical Practice (MICP) which integrates patient care and science through study in the clinical setting.

2. Evidence Informed Practice of Medicine (EIPOM) – factors of health and wellbeing at community and population levels. You will learn about key concepts from epidemiology, public health, the sociology and psychology of health and illness and evidence-based practice.

3. Medical Skills and Quality Care (MSQC) – develop the clinical and communication skills needed by a medical doctor, practising skills in a laboratory setting and with patients.

Mbbs degree

Highlights of the Course

Apply to UCLan Medical School and enjoy medical training to the highest UK standards, enabling you to confidently and competently approach your first working day as a compassionate, qualified doctor wherever you choose to practice in the world.


International applications for the MBBS programme can be made direct via our online application form or through UCAS. UK applications should be made via UCAS before 15 October 2017.

Dress Code

The undertaking of clinical placements is mandatory on this MBBS programme. For the purposes of both student and patient safety the School operates a dress code policy which is in line with the NHS dress code policy and also allows for specific hazards such as laboratory settings. The full dress code policy can be found in this document (.pdf, 850KB)


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