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The Bachelor Degree (BBA) in Hospitality

Apply now to start in February or October 2018

This degree prepares students for high-level positions in the fast-growing hospitality and service industry sectors. It offers a well-balanced foundation for immediate employability with rigorous training, real-world experience and business expertise.

Where will a bachelor degree in hospitality take you?

Starting your career with a bachelor degree in hospitality can truly take you anywhere you want to go. Within the vast hospitality and tourism sectors, you’ll have plenty of choice among different types of establishments – from boutique hotels in big cities to exotic resorts in remote places, restaurants and bars, nightclubs and casinos, cruise liners and airports, etc. And your business-minded service approach will open doors in the private financial sector, luxury brands, events and other parts of the experience industries.

What will you study on this bachelor degree in hospitality?

In the 3.5-year program, you will progress through four levels of studies:

Year 1 – Practical Arts Internship: In hands-on courses, you will learn the art of hospitality in fine dining service and culinary arts, oenology, housekeeping and rooms division. The 6-month internship allows you to discover the realities of the industry while developing personal strengths.

Year 2 – Fundamentals of Hospitality Management: Administration and management courses teach you to apply strategic theory in preparation for the management internship. This year also offers semester transfer options to our partner institutions in Marbella, Spain or Shanghai, China.

Year 3 – Business Integration: Starting with the second internship, you will try your hand at applying management theory in actual industry business projects or a dissertation.

Final Semester – Specializations:

What will you gain from the bachelor in hospitality?

A bachelor degree in hospitality management is not like a traditional university program, it’s a transformative educational experience that will immerse you in a realm of perfection, diversity, and discovery, creating a life-long passion for hospitality business management.

Professional Skills – Under the guidance of industry-awarded faculty, you will learn to manage hospitality operations for hotels, restaurants and events through hands-on hotel management courses.

Real World Experience – On internships, you will have the chance to travel and gain one full year of professional experience in the international hospitality industry.

International Exposure – After the first semester in Switzerland, you can choose to study in Switzerland or London, with options for a semester abroad in Marbella, Spain or Shanghai, China.

Soft Skills – You will develop skills that employers value including critical thinking, communication, creativity, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration.

Cultural Knowledge – Living and learning in a multicultural environment, you will develop an understanding of, and the skills to address, cultural, moral, ethical and environmental issues in international organizations.

Business Skills – Through applied business projects, specialization courses, and collaboration with the industry, you will learn to identify and solve business challenges in international organizations.


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