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Average Salary for Forensic Science Technicians

Are you interested in going to school to be a forensic science technician? The salary you ll command in this industry depends on a number of factors, including location, experience, industry, education level, and employer type. Let s take a look at what you can expect to earn working in this field.

Base Salary for a Forensic Science Technician

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forensic science technicians make an average of $55,040, with the top 10 percent in this field making over $82,990. This takes into account forensic science technicians who live all over the country, though in general you can expect to make $40,000 to $67,000 in this year. You ll make more money as you gain experience as a forensic science technician, and most employers will pay higher salaries to workers who go back to school for a masters degree. If you have a rare specialty, you can also make more money as a forensic science technician. Before starting your education, do a little research to see what kind of techs are in high demand in the forensic science world.

Forensic Science Technician by Location

Location plays a significant role in determining what you get paid as a forensic science technician. The following states have the highest average salaries for this type of career:

Since crime rates are typically much higher in cities, forensic science technicians are in higher demand in metropolitan areas than in more rural parts of the country. According to reports, the following cities have the highest average salary for this field:

  • Washington, DC: $85,390
  • Oakland, CA: $76,500
  • Santa Ana/Anaheim, CA: $74,960
  • San Jose, CA: $74,070
  • Springfield, IL: $71,040

Cost of living is higher in cities as well, but in this industry, it is much, much harder to find a job in a rural area, as the crime rate isn t high enough to support a large number of people working as forensic science technicians.

Other Factors Affecting Salary

Getting your masters degree is a great way to earn more money in this field, as is earning certification in your specialty (if possible) and working for a large employer. You can also focus on becoming an expect in your specific area of forensics and work as a consultant, traveling to help lots of different forensics teams on cases that involve your topic of choice.

While there are a limited number of programs focused specifically on forensic science, many schools offer related programs that can be applied to positions in that field. Subjects can include forensic psychology, general criminal justice programs, and computer forensics – the latter being an increasingly more important field with each day. Find highly-rated online forensic science and criminal justice degrees below or search for other degrees using the widget to the left.

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