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Online Degree Programs: Find Your Match

If you can get that degree at a traditional school, chances are you can find it online, too. From professional certifications to Ph.D s, you can earn it from home at a range of schools across the country from exclusively-online for-profit and nonprofit colleges to traditional schools that have expanded to the web.

On, you can search for accredited online degrees by type of degree, school name, or type of program. We even make tuition information easily available so you can comparison-shop. Our website lists information for hundreds of schools and programs across the country. Don t wait get started today.

Online sociology degree

Source: The Sloan Consortium

Online Associate s Degree

An associate s degree traditionally takes about two years to complete. Many people who pursue an associate s degree plan to put their credits towards a bachelor s degree, and some associate s programs are designed to make this easy. Workers with associate s degrees earn about $8,000 more per year than those with high school diplomas alone.

  • Associates of Arts (AA): Associates of Arts degrees generally apply to the

arts and humanities. Many jobs in this area require a bachelor s, so AA degrees are most often applied towards a bachelor s degree

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS): These degrees are designed for students who plan to go directly into the workforce without earning a Bachelor s degree. Although some schools will accept AAS credits toward a Bachelor s, it s not usually the norm.
    • Associate of Applied Science in Accounting
    • Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology

  • Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS): This degree is generally in a technical or vocational field, and it s not designed for students looking to transfer to a four-year program.
  • Online Bachelor s Degree

    Bachelor s degrees take about four years to earn on average, although some distance learning degrees can take as few as two years. Most professional positions require a bachelor s degree.

    Online sociology degree

    Online Master s Degree

    Master s degrees by distance education can take one to three years to earn, depending on the course of study. In the U.S. and Canada, a Master s degree is earned after a Bachelor s degree, and is often a requirement for earning a doctorate. To teach in graduate and postgraduate education, a Master s is often the minimum required degree. You can earn a Master s in Arts (MA) or a Master s in Science (MS).

    Online Doctorate Degree

    Depending on the subject, a doctorate usually takes a minimum of three years to earn, and can either be started after earning a Master’s degree, or often times directly after a Bachelor’s degree. With some of these programs, you can actually be awarded a Master’s degree while working for your Doctorate.

    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D): This is a research-based qualification that can take five or more years to earn. Ph.D s are often required for careers in higher education. While it is possible to earn your Ph.D through a distance education program, the higher education community has been much slower to accept online degrees than most. However, many other industries that require Ph.D s are more accepting.
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Information Systems
      • Doctor of Health Administration
    • Professional Doctorates (Psy.D., J.D., etc.): These are practical degrees that prepare learners for careers in their field. Unlike the Ph.D, they provide little graduate research training. Professional doctorates are given to pharmacists, veterinarians, lawyers, radiologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, psychologists, and many others.

      Online Certification

      Professional certification programs exist to ensure that workers possess the specific skills and knowledge to perform a certain job. Most certification programs are geared toward working learners, and there is wide acceptance of certification through distance education programs. Most of these programs do not require a certain degree to enroll. You can find online certification in hundreds of fields, from education to law to funeral directing.

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